Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Gel Eye Masks

So last night I bought an eye mask from eBay, for £3.00. I'd wondered about them for a while and after finding out the benefits I thought i'd invest in one.
Gel eye masks have lots of different benefits, when cooled and then worn they help relieve tension headaches caused by eyestrain or just day to day life. I personally find that after working all day I often come home with a throbbing headache, so I'm hoping a gel mask will help with this. The gel mask can also help with sinus problems and congestion when cooled, relieving stress which is a huge benefit!
It can also help with sore eyes, when heated or cooled, it reduces the symptoms of dark circles, swelling and puffy eyes.
If you're thinking of getting a gel eye mask then eBay do a wide selection for a small price. Once my eye mask arrives I will write a review so you know if they are worth getting or not!
Let me know if you've tried any new products recently, and if they helped you or not. 

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Favorite Looks of the Week (For Less!)

Here are some of my favorite celeb looks from this week, with how to get their looks for less.

Here is Reece Witherspoon arriving to film 'The Late Show with David Letterman'. She wears a gorgeous Antonio Berardi dress, with its vibrant colour and lace panels this is sure to be a hit for the spring, but you can get this look for less, just go to Boohoo for a gorgeous replica in a red as hot as this one, for just £20.00!
Reece is always effortlessly fashionable, and she is one of my style icons for always keeping it classy but trendy at the same time. She dresses her outfit down with a plain black coat and plain black Christian Louboutin shoes. Keep your outfit casual but smart with this taioured blazer from missguided for just £24.99, or opt for a longer style like this boyfriend jacket from topshop, being sold on eBay for £20.00.
Let me Know if Reece is a style icon of yours, or whos look for less you'd prefer to see on here!

U.S singer Ciara was seen doing a spot of shopping in Beverly Hills wearing a lightweight white shirt, red skinny jeans and over the knee boots. This look is defiantly here to stay for spring, with bright colored skinny jeans being a must have item for this season, and with knee high/ over the knee boots making there way into everyones wardrobe, be prepared to see a lot of this style favorite. Go to Newlook to nab jeans like Ciaras for just £22.99 and an oversized tote bag also from Newlook at £14.99. You can get knee high boots from Missguided for £40.99, which may seem steep but is actually a good price for suede boots that are right on trend at the moment.
Let me know whos look for less you'd like to see on here!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Spending less on false eyelashes

Buying false eyelashes always leaves me feeling like I've spent my money on practically nothing. Going into superdrug or boots and coming out with one pair for near enough a fiver is getting ridiculous, so I went on a hunt to compare prices and find out how to get the most for your money.
It turns out that you don't have to come out of your local beauty store feeling like you've just been robbed, and that paying for brands like 'eyelure' or 'ELF' is the same as buying non branded lashes.

Going onto eBay, i typed in 'false eyelashes' and the amount of search results astounded me, 11, 746 results popped up on my screen and i wondered why on earth I'd ever bought eyelashes in store before!
The majority of sales were 'Buy it now', a common way to buy items on eBay, and when buying eyelashes its pretty useful, as buying directly turned out to be cheaper than having a bidding war for hours on end. Most of the 'buy it now' lashes were also in bulk, being in packs of 10, with prices from as little as £2.00 with free P+P (postage and packaging).
You may think that because they are cheap that they will arrive and they wont be what you wanted, but my sister is the queen of buying false eyelashes, and let me tell you they are all top quality, with lots of different styles to choose from, so you wont be disappointed.
If you don't have an eBay account, I suggest you get one, as you can get a lot of items a lot cheaper online than in store.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

My Trend of the week: Aztec

A style that’s catching my eye at the moment is the ‘Aztec’ print. The high street has recently picked up on this trend and now it seems to be everywhere! From the more expensive side of the highstreet like topshop taking on the style, to missguided advertising their selection on their homepage. 

The dress in the picture above is defiantly a bargain at £11.99 from missguided and bang on trend with the red breaking up the usual monochrome aztec prints on the highstreet, as well as it being a short tunic dress, which i think is really cute.

Hello & Welcome!

This is my first post in my new blog, absorbeauty, which i hope you will all enjoy. Its basically going to be a blog about fashion and beauty, with me sharing some of my favorite looks of the week from celebrities and the high street, as well as talking about the latest trends, fashion history, and tips and tricks for make up, nails, hair etc..
First off I’ll introduce myself. My name is Jaz and I’m a 20 year old qualified beautician. I currently work in a childrens play area, but I hope some day to own my own business whether it be a clothes store, spa or successful business. My only aim for this blog is really to have an outlet to share my thoughts and opinions on certain trends and products, and if I inspire you to want to keep reading then great!
Like a lot of people I struggle with money issues. I struggle to earn it, and to keep hold of it long enough to save it for expensive treats. So in this blog I will be helping you aswell as myself to find cheaper clothing options, shortcuts to beauty treatments and how to make your money last!
Thankyou for reading, and I hope you follow me and continue to read my posts!
Jaz xo